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Citation Management Tools

RefWorks allows you to share your citations and associated documents with your collaborators, both inside and outside of OSU.

Sharing Folders

Sharing is done at the folder level.

To give your collaborators access to a folder:

  • Once logged in to RefWorks, click on the "Share" icon in the toolbar at the top of the screen.
  • Select the folder that you would like to share.
  • You can invite anyone with a RefWorks account to collaborate on the folder by entering their email address.
  • You can set the level of access for each collaborator.
  • By creating a public URL, you can share your citations with anyone, whether they have a RefWorks account or not. Those accessing the folder via the public URL will not be able to modify the contents or annotate documents.

Annotating Documents

If you have attached PDF or Microsoft Word documents to your citations, you and any collaborators who have been granted the appropriate level of access can use RefWorks to view, highlight, and annotate those documents:

  • Double click on a citation with a document attached to open the document in RefWorks.
  • To highlight, select a portion of text and click the icon shaped like the letter A. You can use different highlighter colors by clicking a highlighted portion of text and changing the color selection.
  • Add comments by selecting a portion of text and clicking the icon shaped like a speech bubble.
  • You can make and view notes on the document as a whole by clicking the page-shaped icon on the right side of the screen.