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Citation Management Tools

Always double check your citations for accuracy and completeness after importing them!


There are a couple of different ways to add citations to EndNote:

Import from Files

Some databases, such as PubMed and the OSU Catalog, will have you export your references to a file, which can then be imported into EndNote. See the Exporting Citations from Databases and Catalogs section of this guide for more information on how to create a citation file.

To import citation files into EndNote:

  • Once logged in to EndNote, click on the "Collect" tab in the toolbar at the top of the screen.
  • Select "Import References".
  • Click "Choose File" to locate your citation file.
  • In the "Import Option" dropdown menu, identify the file type by selecting the database from which you exported your citation file.
  • Choose a group to import your citations into.
  • Click "Import".

Exporting Directly from Databases

Some databases, such as CINAHL, give you the option of exporting citations directly into EndNote, allowing you to skip the above step. See the Exporting Citations from Databases and Catalogs section of this guide for more information on exporting references from databases.

Using the "Capture Reference" Bookmarklet

"Capture Reference" is a tool that can be added to your browser's favorites bar to provide a shortcut for importing citations of webpages, but is often buggy when attempting to capture other citations. 

To install the "Capture Reference" bookmarklet:

  • Make sure that your favorites bar is visible at the top of your browser window.
  • Once logged in to your EndNote account, cllick the "Downloads" tab.
  • Click and drag the "Capture Reference" icon into your favorites bar.

"Online Search" Tool

You may notice an "Online Search" tool in EndNote. It is a way to search databases and catalogs directly from the EndNote interface, however this is a very limited function. We recommend that you perform your searches directly in the databases for the most complete and accurate results.