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Citation Management Tools

Organizing Citations

Your citations can be organized into groups to make locating and sharing references easier.

To add a citation to a group, you can:

  • Select a group in the "To" drop-down menu when importing your citation file.
  • Go to the "My References" tab. Any references which you have imported without sorting will be in the "[Unfiled]" group. Check the box next to any citations you wish to add to a different group. Then, click the drop down "Add to group..." menu to select a group.

Sharing Citations

To share a group of citations with your collaborators:

1. Click on the "Organize" tab in the toolbar at the top of the window.

2. Select "Manage My Groups".

3. Check the box in the "Share" column for the group you'd like to share.

4. Click "Manage Sharing" to select your collaborators.

5. Click "Start sharing this group." Enter the email addresses of your collaborators, and set the level of privileges to "Read only" or "Read & write".

6. Click "Apply" to save these settings.

To access groups that have been shared with you:

  • In the "Organize" tab, select "Others' Groups".