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Introduction to the Health Sciences Library


The HSL Medical Visuals department offers full-service poster printing as well as medical illustration, graphic design and portrait photography.

Poster and Large Format Printing

Our service-oriented staff can help in preparing a high-quality scientific poster. Begin by simply uploading your PowerPoint poster file; we review all files to check alignment, image quality, etc. We will print a small proof on paper so you have the chance to review and revise it before printing the final version. We can also provide design consultation or design a poster from scratch if needed (design charges will apply).

Our maximum print width is 42 inches. We can print virtually any length. Please feel free to check with our team via phone or email prior to uploading your poster project.


Paper Poster: Regular turnaround $6.00 per sq. foot
Paper Poster: RUSH* $9.00 per sq. foot
Cloth Poster: Regular turnaround $8.00 per sq. foot
Cloth Poster:  RUSH* $12.00 per sq. foot

For example, a 56" x 36" poster, our most commonly requested size, would be $90 printed on paper, or $120 printed on cloth. 

Same-day printing is not always available and MAY incur RUSH pricing. If same-day printing is needed call Medical Visuals at (614) 292-8034.

Follow this link for more information about this service.

Medical Illustration

Medical illustration is a highly specialized field that requires extensive training in both art and science. This dual training allows the illustrator to effectively collaborate on projects with complex medical content. Illustrators excel at distilling information, paring it down to the essentials for communicating visually to the target audience.

Submission Process

1. Fill out and submit an Illustration/Graphic Design Request Form detailing the illustration being requested, contact information, and preferred payment method.

2. An illustrator will arrange a meeting to discuss the project in-depth. The meeting will take between 30 and 60 minutes, depending on the project's complexity. Bring all related reference materials (such as journal text, reference images, digital files, and photographs), along with the publisher's image submission guidelines.

3. The cost of the illustration depends on the type of illustration needed. See the pricing page for more information. A cost estimate will be sent once all specifications for the project are gathered. Work won't begin until the estimate is approved.

4. Once the estimate is approved, detailed sketches will be developed for review and changes made as requested. Standard pricing covers up to two rounds of revisions. Once the sketches are approved the final art will be created and delivered in a preferred file format. The entire process can take from two to four weeks, sometimes more, depending on the complexity.


At Medical Visuals, we provide professional high quality custom illustrations. Learn more and see examples on the pricing page.

Follow this link for more information about this service.

Graphic Design

Design can play an important role in the success of a business, project or presentation. Whether presenting new research findings, providing patient care, or training tomorrow's healthcare providers: design can enhance your message and make your communications more effective.

Medical Visuals' talented designers collaborate with you to create custom print pieces that achieve your goals and objectives, and meet your audience's needs. Printed pieces we have created include:

  • Brochures to describe services or programs
  • Mailing cards to recruit research subjects
  • Posters to present research findings
  • Annual reports
  • Identity packages (letterhead, cards, envelopes) for unique programs or services
  • Patient education materials
  • Journal and Conference Proceedings covers
  • CD-ROM and DVD Covers and Labels
  • Advertisements
  • Presentation templates

Need an infographic, chart or graph for a publication or presentation?

Infographics employ visual elements to present data or information quickly and clearly. Like charts and graphs, they can take many forms. Flat shapes, simple lines, colors, short text, and icons can all be used to communicate the main points simply and effectively.

Learn more about requesting an infographic on our Medical Illustration page.

For pricing information, visit our illustration pricing page.