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OT Capstone Project


Welcome to the OT Capstone Project Guide!  This guide is intended for OTD students performing a systematic or scoping review as part of their Capstone Project.

Please note: This guide is not formal instructions for your project, and it does not replace any guidance you receive from the Department of Occupational Therapy.  The resources on this guide are intended only to supplement and aid you in completing the requirements for your project.  It is the responsibility of the student to ensure that all requirements are being met, and any questions you may have about your Capstone Project should be directed to your faculty advisor. 

Learning Objectives

After reviewing this guide, users will:

  • Understand the basics of performing a systematic or scoping review
  • Be aware of different standards and guidelines that discuss these types of projects
  • Become familiar with the overall process, including the development of the protocol, question, and search, as well as the screening process
  • Learn about how to develop a comprehensive search strategy
  • Know who to contact for additional research help