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Virtual Instruction Resources

A guide targeting health sciences faculty to assist with developing content for online teaching.

Finding Electronic Journals in the Library Catalog

There are multiple ways to find and access electronic journals through the Health Sciences Library:

Electronic Journals and Articles in Research Databases

Linking Electronic Journals and Articles to your Course Page

To link an article or journal to your course page you will need to: 

  1. Locate a stable URL, persistent link or permalink for the article or journal you'd like to link to your course page
  2. Create a proxy string to the front of your URL for on and off-campus access to the article or journal you link to your course page 

Please see these additional tips on how to link eJournals and articles to your course page. There is also a tool available to create easy proxy strings to the front of your articles or eJournals' persistent link, permalink, or stable URL. 

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