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Systematic Reviews

Systematic Review Policy

Please read our Systematic Review Policy in full before submitting a Consultation Request:

Systematic Review Consultation Request

Systematic reviews require high-level information expertise, and librarians can be a great resource to assist you in the process. Health Sciences librarians offer three levels of services to support the systematic review process. These are dependent on librarian availability. Level 3 services may not always be available due to other priorities.


Level 1 Services (1 to 2 week notice needed for scheduling)

  • Training on comprehensive search techniques, and selecting appropriate databases for the scope and topic of the search
  • Using citation managers (RefWorks or EndNote) to manage citations 
  • Determining whether a systematic review is the right method for the topic

Level 2 Services (1 to 2 week notice needed for scheduling; requires acknowledgment of librarian in publication and presentations)

  • Collaborating with the systematic review team to construct and review search strategies for rigor. Team members (not librarian) actually conduct searches.
  • Setting up automated search alerts for topic

Level 3 Services  (1 to 4 weeks required for scheduling initial consult; 1 to 3 months advanced notice needed for completion, dependent on availability; co-authorship required) Note: Level 3 is not available until further notice. 

  • Extensive assistance with systematic review protocol development and design of search strategies
  • Conducting searches, gathering citations into citation management software, and removing duplicates
  • Contributing to manuscript production by writing the methods section and approving final manuscript prior to submission
  • Guidance on appropriate journals to select for publishing
Please complete this survey to request librarian services for assistance with a systematic review: