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My Bibliography

What is My Bibliography?

My Bibliography is a tool available as part of a MyNCBI Account that allows users to track and manage their publications. 

MyNCBI is a personal account you can create when using a variety of NCBI products, such as PubMed, PMC, Genome, and more.


What does My Bibliography have to do with NIH Compliance?

You can link your MyNCBI account to your eRA Commons account.  Once this is done, you can view your My Bibliography publications in a "Compliance" view to track and manage your compliance status.

You will also use My Bibliography to create compliance reports and populate your RPPR's (Research Performance Progress Reports).

Set Up Your My NCBI Account

How do I create a MyNCBI account?

Click on the Login button from any screen in PubMed, then click on Sign Up at the bottom of the screen.

You can sign up for a MyNCBI account using another account if you would like, such as eRA Commons, Google, or NIH.  You can also use your OSU credentials by selecting More Options, then finding The Ohio State University in the list.


How do I link my MyNCBI account to my eRA Commons account?

Once you have a MyNCBI account created, you can link your eRA Commons account by accessing your MyNCBI Account Settings. 

After logging in to your MyNCBI account, click on your username and select Account Settings, then select Change under Linked Accounts.

Infographic showing where to click to link another account

Add Papers to My Bibliography

Add citations from PubMed:

The easiest way to add items to your My Bibliography is to locate the reference in PubMed, then click on Send To and choose My Bibliography.

Screenshot from PubMed showing the Send To, My Bibliography links.

Add citations manually:

You can also add citations directly from within My Bibliography.  You can choose to bring in information from PubMed, from a saved citation file (like one from a reference manager or other database), or manually enter the information yourself.

Screenshot from My Bibliography showing the Add Citations link.

Track Compliance Status

View Compliance Status:

In order to view the compliance status of the items in your My Bibliography, you have to first make sure that your eRA Commons account has been linked up.  Check out the instructions above to see how to do this.

Once you have your eRA Commons account linked up, you should see a Compliance Dashboard at the top of your My Bibliography to give you a quick snapshot of your articles.  You can sort by compliance status to quickly see any items that are not compliant and start troubleshooting the issue.


Compliance Status Definitions:

Not Defined My Bibliography is not sure yet whether this item is compliant.  You need to give the system more information, such as whether there was direct NIH funding or if this item may be exempt from the policy (such as a book chapter).
Not Applicable An item with this status is not subject to the NIH Public Access Policy.  This could be because it did not receive direct NIH funding, is not the right kind of publication type, or another reason.
In Process In Process items are working their way through the system.  They may have a NIHMS ID or say PMC-In Process to give an indication of temporary compliance.  Keep a close eye on In Process items to make sure they do not fall back out of compliance.
Non-Compliant Items that are Non-Compliant are the biggest issue and need to be addressed quickly.  There are a variety of reasons that an item may be marked as Non-Compliant depending on which submission method you may be following.  You may need to follow up with your publisher, the NIHMS system, or a corresponding author to figure out the issue.
Complete (Compliant) This is the goal status and indicates that the item has reached a fully compliant status.