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NIH Public Access Policy


Welcome to the NIH Public Access Policy Guide!  This guide is intended for researchers who have received funding from the NIH, as well as those interested in learning more about the policy.

Please note: This guide is intended for educational purposes only and does not act as substitute for official guidance from the NIH.  It is the responsibility of the individual to ensure they understand the NIH Public Access Policy, the associated publication requirements, and their responsibilities as an investigator and/or author.

Learning Outcomes

Users of this guide will learn:

  • The basics of the NIH Public Access Policy
  • The different submission methods they may follow
  • How to manage their papers using the My Bibliography tool
  • Tips and resources for learning more about the policy

NIH Data Management & Sharing Policy

If you are looking for information on the 2023 NIH Data Management & Sharing Policy, please check out our guide:

OSTP New Guidance

The White House Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP) issued new guidance on August 25, 2022 to make federally funded research freely available without a delay.  Agencies have been directed to update their public access policies as soon as possible, with a deadline of December 31, 2025.

This guidance will likely have significant impacts on the NIH Public Access Policy.  New information will be added to this guide as it is released.  Check back often for updates!


Current as of 01/02/2024