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PubMed/NCBI Personal Account Changes

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I tell if I have an NCBI-managed account?

Within your Account Settings, you may see a box above "Linked Accounts" called "NCBI Account".  If you see this box, you have an NCBI-managed account.  If you do not see this box, you do not.

I don't see OSU as a 3rd party login option.  How do I link up my NCBI account to my OSU account?

OSU is not listed on the first page of options, but you can click on More Login Options towards the bottom of the page.  Then search for Ohio or go to the O's.  You should see Ohio State University listed as an option.

I have linked my Google or Facebook account, but the login page will not load.  What is wrong?

Currently, users on the OSUWMC wifi or working through the OSUWMC VPN are not able to login using Google or Facebook.  This is due to restrictions from OSUWMC IT related to a variety of social media accounts.  If you are a med center user and would like to use an NCBI account, we recommend that you use a different 3rd party system to login, such as OSU, ORCiD, or eRA Commons.  To do this, you will need to access your NCBI account outside of the OSUWMC wifi (e.g. off-campus) and link up another account.  When you return to campus, select this new system as your login choice to access your account.

I am working from home and keep getting an error message when I try to login to my account.  What is wrong?

Currently, using a 3rd party login to access your NCBI account does not work when you are accessing PubMed through the library proxy.  To access your NCBI account, please go directly into PubMed at the following link and try logging in again.  If this continues to give you issues, please contact the HSL Help Desk for assistance.

How do I tell if I am accessing PubMed through the library proxy?

When you are off-campus, you are often prompted to login to use library resources.  This is called the "proxy".  If you see the following in your address bar, you are working through the proxy:  To access PubMed from off-campus but outside of the proxy, you can use the following link.

There is a yellow banner at the top of the PubMed screen saying that it is automatically going through the proxy.  What does this mean, and how do I turn this off?

The reference manager Zotero allows users to automatically "grab" webpage information and add it to their library using a browser connector or add-on.  It also allows users to automatically save the library proxy information in their browser and have it applied for easier full-text access.

Unfortunately, this means that even when you try to access PubMed outside of the proxy using the link above, the system may still automatically apply the proxy (you will see this yellow banner and notice the proxy information in the address bar).

To turn this feature off, you can select the option that says "Unproxy this website" or something along those lines.  This should reload the page without the proxy information.

Who can I contact if I have more questions about my PubMed/NCBI account?

Please contact the OSU HSL Public Services Desk for more assistance.  You can call, chat, or email us using the links to the left.