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What is JAMAevidence?

JAMAevidence is an online portal to valuable JAMA EBM resources, such as the Users' Guide to the Medical Literature and the Rational Clinical Examination.

In addition, it contains calculators, a guide to statistics and methods, and a glossary.

Please note, this resource is for use only by academic faculty, staff, and students, and is not for use in hospitals or clinics.

How can I use JAMAevidence?

Users' Guide to the Medical Literature

Understand how to read a medical research article and make sense of the statistics you may come across.  Check out the section for the type of question you are asking (therapy, harm, diagnosis, or prognosis), and view articles on topics such as Number Needed to Treat, Odds Ratios, Confidence Intervals, and more.

The Rational Clinical Examination

View evidence-based discussions of how to make a variety of diagnoses and how to approach the physical exam.