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Welcome to the HTHRHSC/SPHHRNG 5860: AAC for the Multidisciplinary Professional Course Guide

This guide is intended for students enrolled in HTHRHSC/SPHHRNG 5860 as part of the Assistive Technology Certificate program and provides guidance on how to find relevant and appropriate information for their assignments.

For more information or assistance with Speech and Hearing Science research and library resources, check out the full SHS Guide:

For more information or assistance with Assistive Technology research and library resources, check out the full AT Guide:

Learning Outcomes

After reviewing this guide, users will have a better understanding of how to:

  • Locate information relevant in Assistive Technology research
  • Ask a good evidence-based question
  • Create a search strategy to locate resources for your course assignments
  • Cite their sources according to APA style
  • Know who to contact for additional research help

Off-Campus Sign-In

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Choosing and Using Sources