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Program Evaluation Resources

This guide brings together resources that will assist teams in discovering and utlizing appropriate methodologies to evaluate programs and assess outcomes in areas such as health services, public health, social sciences, and community outreach projects.


Welcome to the Program Evaluation LibGuide.

This guide is intended to provide guidance for discovering and utilizing appropriate methods for evaluating program and assessing outcomes in areas such as health services, public health, social sciences, and community engagement projects.

Learning Outcomes

Users of this guide will become familiar with:

  • Resources providing an overview of outcome measurement and program evaluation
  • Locating books that detail specific research methods appropriate to program evaluation and outcomes assessment
  • Searching the literature to identify existing research and knowledge gaps

Get Help from a Librarian

Librarians can assist with a variety of research queries including the following.

  • assist with search strategy development and refinement to find relevant journal and research literature
  • recommend resources to meet your particular information needs
  • refer you to other helpful library services to support research, education, and patient care
  • provide instructional sessions to classes, clinical groups/departments, or other groups on searching the literature, managing citations, accessing library resources, and using information to support an evidence-based approach


To find your discipline's librarian, refer to the following pages.

  • Health Sciences Colleges of Medicine, Nursing, Public Health, Optometry, Dentistry, School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences: Liaison Librarians
  • All others: Subject Librarians