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Interprofessional Practice and Education (Selected Articles)

  • Becker, A. E., Bernstein, M., Loscalzo, S. M., Cohen, P., Peurifoy, J., Martin, K., Mondal, A., Ampah, S., & Rosenblatt, S. (2022). PICU Overnight INTerprofessional Education of Residents (POINTER): Leveraging Bedside Experience to Improve Resident Bedside Care. Journal of graduate medical education, 14(3), 345–347.

  • (For educators) Brandt, B.F., Kitto, S., Cervero, R. (2018) Untying the Gordian Knot: the National Collaborative for Improving the Clinical Learning Environment. Academic Medicine 93(10):1437-1140.

  • Charrette AL, Sullivan KM, Kucharski-Howard J, Seed S, Lorenz L. Physical therapy and pharmacy interprofessional education in the context of a university pro bono physical therapy setting. J Interprof Care. 2020 May-Jun;34(3):315-323.  Epub 2019 Sep 20.

  • Darlow, B., Brown, M., McKinlay, E., Gray, L., Purdie, G., Pullon, S., & Longitudinal Interprofessional Study Group (2022). Longitudinal impact of preregistration interprofessional education on the attitudes and skills of health professionals during their early careers: a non-randomised trial with 4-year outcomes. BMJ open, 12(7), e060066.

  • Davidson, A.R., Kelly, J., Ball, L. et al. What do patients experience? Interprofessional collaborative practice for chronic conditions in primary care: an integrative review. BMC Prim. Care 23, 8 (2022).

  • Davidson HA, Hilmes MA, Cole S, Waynick-Rogers P, Provine A, Rosenstiel D, Norman L, Miller B. The Vanderbilt Program in Interprofessional Learning: Sustaining a Longitudinal, Clinical Experience That Aligns Practice With Education. Acad Med. 2020 Apr;95(4):553-558.


  • Dow, A., Pfeifle, A., Blue, A., Jensen, G. M., & Lamb, G. (2021). Do we need a signature pedagogy for interprofessional education?. Journal of interprofessional care, 35(5), 649–653.

  • (For educators/facilitators) El-Awaisi, A., Anderson, E., Barr, H., Wilby, K.J., Wilbur, K., Bainbridge, L. (2016). Important steps for introducing interprofessional education into health professional education. Journal of Taibah University Medical Sciences, 11(6):546-55.

  • Fraher, E., Brandt, B. (2019): Toward a system where workforce planning and interprofessional practice and education are designed around patients and populations, not professions, Journal of Interprofessional Care,

  • Gilliam EH, Nuffer W, Brunner JM, Kosirog E, Metcalf MS, Thompson ME, Chavez B. A multimethod evaluation of an interprofessional IPPE in an underserved clinic. Curr Pharm Teach Learn. 2020 Jun;12(6):663-670.   Epub 2020 Feb 19.

  • Hassaan Shaikh, Ashley N. Crowl, Sarah Shrader and Crystal D.O. Burkhardt Assessing Self-Perceived Interprofessional Collaborative Competency on Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experiences Through Interprofessional Simulations. American Journal of Pharmaceutical Education April 2020, 84 (4) 7530;

  • Hearst, M. O., & Dutton, L. L. (2021). The future deserves better - seeking health equity through interprofessional education, cultural humility and understanding structural context. Journal of interprofessional care, 35(sup1), 1–2.

  • Hinrichs RJ, Bakker CJ, Brigham TJ, Ginier EC, Stevens GA, Alpi KM. Exploring interprofessional collaboration and attitudes of health sciences librarians. Journal of the Medical Library Association. July 2020:440-451.

  • Houle SKD, Lillie E, Richard CL, Slivecka J, Miller A. The Design and Impact of an Interprofessional Education Event Among Pharmacy and Nursing Students in Palliative Care-RnRx. J Hosp Palliat Nurs. 2020 Aug;22(4):292-297.

  • Marghuretta Bland, Alison Stevens, Patricia Nellis, Kay Mueggenburg, Timothy Yau & C. ChenJustin (2021) Interprofessional education and transitions of care: a case-based educational pilot experience, Journal of Interprofessional Care, 35:3, 482-486,

  • Moote, R., Anthony, C., Ford, L., Johnson, L., & Zorek, J. (2021). A co-curricular interprofessional education activity to facilitate socialization and meaningful student engagement. Currents in pharmacy teaching & learning, 13(12), 1710–1717.

  • Pitout, H., Adams, F., Casteleijn, D., & du Toit, S. H. J. (2022). Factors to consider in planning a tailored undergraduate interprofessional education and collaborative practice curriculum: A scoping review. South African Journal of Occupational Therapy, 52(1), 78–95.

  • Rider EA, Frost JS, Longmaid HE. Embedding shared interprofessional values in healthcare organizational culture: The National Academies of Practice experience. Journal of Interprofessional Education & Practice. 100348.    [In press. Corrected proof.]

  • Snowdon, L., MacGregor, A., Maffucci, D., Miller, K. A., Neubauer, N., & Pinto-Zipp, G. (2022). Interprofessional Education Module on Professionalism, Ethics, and Teamwork: Insights from Program Review Data of Health Professions Students. Journal of allied health, 51(2), 89–96. [no DOI number].

  • Wetzlmair, L.-C., Kitema, G. F., O’Carroll, V., El-Awaisi, A., Power, A., Owens, M., Park, V., McKinley, M., Anderson, E. S., & Loder-Fink, B. (2021). The impact of COVID-19 on the delivery of interprofessional education: it’s not all bad news. British Journal of Midwifery, 29(12), 699–705.

  • Zorek JA, Ragucci K, Eickhoff J, et al. Development and validation of the IPEC Institutional Assessment Instrument. Journal of Interprofessional Education & Practice. 2022;29:100553. doi: