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New PubMed

Sidebar Navigation

A quick navigation pane has been added to the right side of the screen when viewing a detailed record


What does this mean?

  • Record Navigation: There are now quick links to different sections of the record, such as MeSH Terms, Similar Articles, and Cited By.
  • Social Media: Quick links are provided to share an article through Twitter or Facebook.
  • Permalinks: You can also click the chain link icon to get a shareable, permanent link back to this item.
  • Full Text Links: The links to full-text options will still appear in the top right-hand corner.  Use the Find It! @OSU for best results.
  • Cite: A new Cite button has been added to get quick citations formatted in your preferred style.


Next & Previous

Next and Previous buttons have been added


What does this mean?

  • Next and Previous: For easier browsing, you can click on Next (or Previous) to see the next item, without having to go back to the results list first.


Similar Articles & Cited By

Similar Articles and Cited By have been moved to the center column


What does this mean?

  • Center Location: These features appeared in Legacy PubMed, but were on the side panel
  • Similar Articles: This feature will suggest articles the system thinks are similar to the item you are looking item
  • Cited By: This feature will tell you if the item you are viewing has been cited by other publications in PubMed Central.  Please note, it is only checking PMC; if you are interested in seeing all of the publications that cite this item, you may want to try another database, such as Scopus or Web of Science.