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New PubMed


Welcome to the New PubMed Guide!  This guide is intended for any user who is interested in learning more about the New PubMed and the changes or updates they might expect.


What is New PubMed? 
  • Beginning May 19th, users will be automatically directed to a new PubMed interface. 
  • A variety of changes and improvements have been made. 
  • Please see the navigation on the left side of the screen to learn more.


What happened to the Old PubMed?
  • Moving forward, the previous PubMed interface will be called Legacy PubMed. 
  • The Legacy system will be maintained in parallel with New PubMed for a while, but will eventually be retired. 
  • If you need to access the Legacy Pubmed interface, please use the link below.

New PubMed: We are transforming PubMed into a modern hub with a fast, reliable, and intuitive search that connects people to the world's leading sources of biomedical information.

Image Source: A New PubMed, Presentation by the National Library of Medicine

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The content of this guide was adapted from the training slides provided by the National Library of Medicine.